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Words from Vice CEO

2020 is a year filled with uncertainties. After going through various unstable factors in 2019, no one expected a pandemic outbreak coming from COVID-19 storm. However in 2021, HwaHsia group will continue to work hard to face various challenges, maintain good product quality, and provide more valuable and diversified product services to our customers. We need to prepare to face the risks and crises that may be encountered in the near future.

In 2020, the world has experienced the impact of the epidemic in many aspects, including the subversion of global supply chain , the reshuffle of the consumer markets, and the major transformation of customer channels (i.e new distribution channels, especially the rise of online e-commerce: b2c, b2b, b2b2c and many more). The year 2021 will enter the "post-epidemic era" as the new vaccines coming out to combat COVID-19. Trade wars in various regions and the reorganization of multi-level value chains will post brand new challenges for HwaHsia group, but it also means a variety of opportunities may surface as well.

I think digital transformation will be the focus of our group in the future, and our goals will also grind towards it: respectively in digital business, smart manufacturing, and digital integration.

Since in the post-epidemic era, people's consumption habits have been greatly changed: a large number of physical channels have been converted to the virtual/web-based channels, and online marketing will be very important. Whether it is for general consumers or companies, this is an unstoppable trend in 2020 and will only continue to grow in the future. In this regard, we will plan and redesign our company's website as one of the focuses this year. We will also continue to invest resources in the development of online sales platforms. In the last half of the year, we have seen business growth of more than 60% for this area.

Social Media, especially for the Youtube channel Glass Brothers, we made some differences in contents last year, including co-op with bars and restaurants, but I think we still have a lot to work on. There will be some adjustment this year.

In terms of smart manufacturing, there have been many breakthroughs after the introduction of collaborative robots and the AOI developed within our group in the past few years, but it also has also reached a stable point. We believe that the next stage is to explore the possibilities of these devices differently and upgrade them accordingly. There are many applications for collaborative robots . At present time, they are mainly used for packaging bottles, but in fact there are many production jobs that may use this equipment to achieve higher efficiency. For this reason, we will also put some resources in this area. As for the AOI, integrating past few year's experience, we continue to have new discoveries and breakthroughs for improvement. After building various prototypes, I expect to build a finalized version this year; AI learning and data analysis could be developed in the second half of 2021. Additionally, building an IOT within production line and cloud will also be something we are thinking of this year, paving the way for future digital integration.

In addition, ESG will also be something that our group must pay attention to. Environmental, Social, and Governance are closely related to the sustainability of a company. Hwahsia has always put great effort into the recycling of raw materials, and it makes every effort to use recycled glass cullet to make our products. We have strongly emphasized that glass containers are recyclable, and it is an inseparable part of sustainable development for the environment, society, and our future generations. We also focus on our employee’s training/skill sets development, since it is closely related to building better society and corporate governance.Learning skill and knowledge must be combined with current trends: I hope we can have the concept of turning production workers into engineers: not only it will improve the sense of pride for the employees within the company, but also continue to innovate to bring a better working environment .

The COVID-19 situation is not over yet, and it is likely that there are many uncertainties we could foresee in 2021. Therefore we should treat these uncertainties as a risk factor in terms of management. Risk management is like facing a “receding sea” - it seems like a lucky offer of an extra piece of a nice beach, but at the same time you need to watch out for an upcoming tsunami. Deploy preventive measures and invest necessary resources for risk control allows you to deal with such crises, and minimize the damage.