Aqua Soul


Natural, Quality, Practical, Aesthetic

Our materials are made of natural and environmentally friendly soda-lime glass to create durable, safe mastery, lead-free glass container products. By combining with our design rich, experience of glass making, together with creating pratical and aesthetic designer-ingenuity of the contemporary are design, AQUA SOUL has "soul" to not only present impressive product but also enrich every level of details of our life-style. We are ambitious to bring "Soul" to your life-style.

SoulOne Personal Portable Decanter

The product received Golden Pin Design Award
and Cultural & Creative Award, and was nominated for Taiwan Excellence Awards.


SINCE 2014

"AQUA SOUL", a brand tested by history

Founded in 1925, Hwa-Hsia Glass Group has accumulated nearly a hundred years of glass production technology. From the initial stage of design, research and development, to end-processing, every linkage resembles the spirit of the founder Mr. Liao Ci-Ming, determined to create the most solid, durable glass products.
With nearly a hundred years of quality excellence and knowledge, 2014, Hwa-Hsia Glass Group has created our unique own brand, AQUA SOUL, and is committed to create a glass brand of Greater Asia.

SINCE 2017

The overall curve of S, showing rounded of glass products, resembles geometric patterns composed of text, and modern sense.

Share beautiful moment of life with a unique taste of design beauty