Organization chart

Hwa Hsia Glass Group is convinced that the sounded corporate governance system is the only way for the sustainable operation of the enterprise;
we thus operate accordingly to the Group's management rules and practices under the framework of validitiy of operation of the company's organization and governance structure. Its purpose is to ensure board efficiency, operational stability, and future market competitiveness for long-term prosperity. Hwa Hsia Glass Group is commited to serve the best interests of its employees, market customers and shareholders in accordance

Managing of cashflow and financing strategy


managing cashflow and financing strategy


selling products, contact customers and business development


Our B2C AquaSoul product management and market research


manufacturing and quality correction, machine maintenance


all of the management issues


ensuring MIS strategy and data cyberisk prevention

Global Strategy

all the projects review and collection

Welfare Committee

handle various staff welfare

Build a century-old enterprise with everlasting foundation

After more than 90 years of history, Hwahsia Glass Group has continued to grow and progress. Throughout history, our values have been reflected in the three core values of trusted-partnership, innovation, and contribution. We are committed to build a century-old enterprise with a long-term foundation. A company that can operate sustainably depends on its own values - and this is the consistent practice of Hwahsia Glass Group and for more generations to come.

Trusted Partnership



Trusted Partnership

  • To our customer & employees, we must build trust and long-term partnership
  • To our product, service to organizational development, we build honesty, trust, fairness in right-partnership


  • Adapt to change, keep challenging status-quo. We do not bound by previous experiences to work, we ajust & adapt with trends and markets.
  • Understand world dynamics, never compromise where we can fight. We do not like stableness, we like to keep changing and innovate new business model and direction.


  • Strive to become the most earth-friendly glass brand; focusing on environment and recycling, and to give-back to civil communities.
  • We become part of the family for our employees, to grow and gain life-time skills and to assist our employees when needed. We provided best caring and love for our team members.