Governance core-value of company

Corporate governance is an important mechanism for corporate management. The core values ​​and principles we uphold are as follows.

Deepening corporate governance

Hwahsia Glass actively promotes the transparency of operations, the pursuit of stable operations, and compliance with laws and regulations, and establishes a complete company system. Under the principle of honest operation, it confirms the compliance of all management processes, the rationality and effectiveness of the system, and makes it a good one. The foundation of corporate governance and safeguard the rights and interests of stakeholders.


True honesty & transparancy in govering

The company upholds the principle of integrity management, implements various internal management and external activities, and promotes a sound corporate culture. In order to avoid corruption-related incidents, the company has started from all aspects, implemented the daily management of each operating base and unit, and actively implemented correct values ​​and behavior standards.


Sustainable management strategy

Hwa Hsia Glass strengthens the functions of the board of directors, and guides professional managers of various positions to perform their duties. The company's only goal is to operate continuously, improve information transparency and strengthen communication with stakeholders, achieve openness and transparency, and make the foundation of the company lasting. The company upholds the supreme principle of employing people as the priority of ability over years of employment, but integrity and morality are still the first priority.