Social contribution

Hwasha Glass has been deeply rooted in Hsinchu for nearly a hundred years. At the stage of entering a new century, we continue to pay attention to social welfare, give back to the society, and share prosperity with the society to create a sustainable future.
Over the years, we have co-organized the campus innovation dream realization project with National Chiao Tung University, supported NPO charity activities to realize the dreams of critically ill children, provided college students with internship opportunities, and donated epidemic prevention materials to medical institutions during the COVID-19 period. We use our firm steps to exert our corporate influence and deliver positive energy to the society.

Entrepreneurship funding project with NCTU

In 2017, the chairman of Hwahsia Glass and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program of National Chiao Tung University jointly organized the "Glass Coffee Cup Creative Design Competition" to encourage young students to use their creative force and invest in product cultural and creative design. Hwahssia Glass provides bonuses and prizes to the winners, and invests resources in mass production of products to realize students' design creativity. This innovative model has become a new model of industry-university cooperation and will enhance Hsinchu's local innovation and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

NTU Children's Health Foundation dream-plan

Children are the masters of the country’s future, but there are still many severely ill children who are suffering from the disease and tug-of-war with their lives. HH Glass and National Taiwan University Children's Health Foundation joined hands in 2019 to realize their dreams for children with severe illness. Adhering to the concept of "transmitting love", we hope to use this activity to attract more people and let more people pay attention to children's health.

College /university
co-op program

Hwahsia Glass cooperates with universities and colleges from time to time to provide students with internship and work-study opportunities, so that students can have the opportunity to understand the working environment of the workplace and the glass industry during their schooling.

COVID-19 social donation/impact

In 2021, in response to COVID-19, Hwahsia Glass donated 1,200 waterproof gowns to the National Taiwan University Hospital, Hsinchu National Taiwan University Branch, to support the epidemic prevention work of frontline medical care.

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