Benefits & Training

Technology is the root, innovation is the soul, and talent is the foundation

Always regard talents as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition, and development of enterprise development. Excellent management system, competitive employment system, broad development platform and welfare plan are our promise and guarantee to HwaHsia employees. We wish every employee can reach full potential of their strengths under this guarantee. And establish a high-quality environment to attract and retain talents. The company's various employee welfare measures, further education, training, and retirement systems and their implementation status, as well as the agreements between labor and management and various employee rights protection measures are as follows:

Employee welfare measures and implementation status:

  • In terms of insurance: according to the Labor Standards Law, the new system of employee labor insurance, health insurance, and labor retirement payment shall be handled.
  • Health and Safety
    • Every year, all employees go to the factory for health check, and add the fatigue and mental scale and musculoskeletal (human factors engineering) questionnaire, pay attention to the physical and mental work balance of employees, and provide services of interpreting the health check report and analyzing the health status during the health check.
    • Arrange resident physicians every month so that employees can consult their health status at any time.
    • Formulate ambulance classes, fire-fighting classes, and evacuation guidance classes. The staff in the establishment must participate in firefighting courses every year to actually guide colleagues to evacuate and operate fire extinguishers.
    • All new recruits must receive labor safety and health education and training. The content includes occupational safety and health, fire safety, health education and traffic safety promotion. In addition, due to the continuous update of information, the employees are arranged to receive the latest version of labor safety and health education and training to thoroughly promote labor safety and health.
  • Welfare
    • Welfare subsidies for employees in the factory (such as wedding allowances, childbirth subsidies, sickness and hospitalization subsidies, etc.).
    • Every year, the Employee Welfare Committee will issue gift certificates or gifts (such as: Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Birthday, May 1 Labor Day) in accordance with the distribution rules.
    • Employees enjoy the welfare price of the restaurant in the factory.
    • Special contract manufacturers signed by the Employee Welfare Committee every year.
    • Employees can enjoy discounts on the purchase of some products of the company.
  • In terms of vacation: the company provides vacations in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Law.


Retirement system and its implementation

The company adopts a definite contribution system in accordance with the "Labor Pension Regulations", and the payment of its pension is paid by the company on a monthly basis with a monthly salary of 6% as a pension, which is stored in a special labor pension account.

Staff training and training situation

In order to improve the quality and work skills of employees, the company actively encourages employees to participate in various training courses. In addition to planning internal training courses for the needs and inheritance of employees' professional knowledge, employees may also apply for external education and training based on business and work needs.

Agreement between labor and management

The company's labor-management relationship is harmonious, and no major labor-management disputes have occurred so far.

Various employee rights protection measures

The company's protection of employees' rights and interests is based on laws and regulations. In addition, the company has also formulated various written measures to specify the rights and obligations of employees in order to protect the rights and interests of employees.