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Hwa Hsia Glass customized technical solutions assist hi-tech plants in innovations. Glass Plant and technology light up new sparks!

Hwa Hsia Glass is the largest daily-use glass container manufacturer in Taiwan. It is famous for its century-old glass production technology and “ niche-market, small quantity mass variety”production model. It serves more than 100 corporate customers, covering 19 overseas markets such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, etc. There are a wide range of customer industries, including: food processing and manufacturing industry, skin care and beauty industry, health and health food industry, wine and brewing industry, etc.

There are more than 20,000 types of glass bottles made by Hwa Hsia Glass, with ever-changing size and styles, including glass wine bottle, glass perfume bottles, glass medicine bottle, glass cream jars, glass vinegar bottle, glass honey bottle, spice bottle, beer bottle, pickled jar, etc. with dazzling array of different types of glass bottles.

Recently, Hwa Hsia Glass has established clearer position with factory resources, create“ Total solution”- a one-stop shop service strategy starting from design, drawing at source, mold opening, bottle manufacturing, paper packaging, to post-processing technology, including: bottle printing, defogging, spraying, etc., we can provide customers with a complete service process, satisfying contemporary brand clients’ diversified and innovative glass materials customization needs and trends.

In 2022, the technology giant AUO cooperated with Hwa Hsia Glass. AUO proposed the innovative concept for business applications , embedding the "micro glass NFC tags" into the glass bottles of high-valued products such as wine bottles and medicine cans. Through a high degree of heterogeneous integration technology, consumers can obtain product information by scanning their mobile phones to prevent counterfeits from running rampant and protect the rights and interests of brands and consumers. The technology also displayed in April at the Touch Taiwan exhibition in Taiwan, and in May at SID Display Week 2022. Where the world's electronic display industry meets at the symposium and exhibition in the united states.

AUO's innovative application concept of "Micro Glass NFC Tag" was unveiled at Touch Taiwan 2022 and the US global display technology event-SID2022 exhibition. Hwa Hsia Glass provides customized technical solutions for inlaid glass. (Photo credit: provided by AUO)

Hwa Hsia Glass is willing to accept various challenges from customers and partners in the development of new products, carefully understood the actual needs and application scenarios of AUO, and overcame the technical difficulties of embedding NFC tags in glass bottles.

During the process, the two sides discussed various solutions back and forth many times. The Hwa Hsia Glass sales department recommended samples of different bottle styles and selects the most suitable bottle style; the design room also put forward technical suggestions for inlay with years of rich experience on site, and at the same time, with the assistance of the processing factory, it delivered a finished product that pleased the customer within the deadline. This experience has also written a new chapter of cooperation between traditional industries and technology industries.

Photo credit: AUO’s Youtube Channel-AUO Sensor Tech | Display-Based Sensing Technology

Hwa Hsia Glass hopes to become a "service industry in the glass industry", transforming from a factory mindset to a customer-oriented service mindset, providing professional glass bottle manufacturing technology and consulting, and assisting customers of different brands to create innovative glass container packaging materials. At the same time, it is hoped that through the opportunity of cooperation with customers, glass bottle packaging materials with the characteristics of circular economy and recycling will be promoted and applied to a wider range of daily life scenarios, to contribute to the sustainability of the global environment.


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